Facebook Done Well: Nonprofit Success Stories
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As you consider and plan your nonprofitís Facebook strategy, take heed from nonprofits that have already established a presence on the growing social network. Whether it's a national nonprofit with thousands of fans or a local nonprofit getting creative to get noticed, observing those who come before you is a great way to gauge how much success youíll find and what youíll need to get there.

The big fish

>> Kiva.org

Kiva.org, an international microlending organization, uses Facebook to share stories and collect donations that create loans. Its Facebook page is simple. First, it shares inspiring stories that help people see just how much good a little money can do. Second, it incorporates a Causes feature that allows people to donate with the click of a button. This easy connection between action and result must be effective. Over 18,000 members have donated more than $16,000.

>> I am Planned Parenthood

Another success story is Planned Parenthoodís digital entity, "I am Planned Parenthood." Over 36,000 fans must have felt that moniker applied to them. Not only does the group provide articles, videos and other resources for its members, it also utilizes the favorite pages feature to direct people to other Facebook pages like "Teenwire.org." As a comprehensive one-stop resource for teens and adults, the Planned Parenthood page gives people a reason to keep coming back.

>> Humane Society of America

With more than 35,000 Facebook fans, the Humane Society of America must be doing something right. The Humane Society uses Facebook as a one-stop resource guide for animal advocates and pet lovers. A variety of aggregators post the latest related articles, petitions, pet photos and events. A featured cause section showcases the latest cause that fans can support (the 2008 "Stop Puppy Mills" cause boasted almost 200,000 members). This is just the beginning. The content rich profile is an outlet for information, entertainment, reasons to care and ways to get involved. A glance at the over 400 wall posts, discussion topics and posted items shows that people are doing just that.

The small fries dreaming big

>> Smoke Free Wisconsin

While larger nonprofits may have it easier on Facebook, it is also possible for smaller nonprofits to create successful pages. It's just a little more difficult. Facing the challenges of limited resources and visibility, smaller organizations may need to use more creativity to attract attention. Smoke Free Wisconsin is one such example with just over 1,000 fans. Its page displays news updates, upcoming events and an imaginative ìSmoke Free Airî photo petition campaign. The value of this conversation, while small, cannot be underrated.

>> Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

This group uses Facebook as a tool to create awareness. The page offers resources through videos, detailed volunteer opportunities and themed downloadable desktop backgrounds. While still small at just over 200 fans, the nonprofit may have realized that creating a regional page would allow them the bonus of having a presence on larger Planned Parenthood pages.


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