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Timpano is not your typical consulting firm

Here are some of the ways in which Timpano Consulting can assist your organization.


This is consultative coaching -- executive advising that works


When you've tried something and it didn't move you forward...
When you're ready to grow, yet not sure where to go ...
Or, when you've been given a charge, and it seems overwhelming...
Melanie can help you make progress.


Each assignment starts with a clear assessment of what is to be accomplished and the most efficient way to proceed. Questions to consider:

• What is your intended purpose?
• What do you want to achieve?
• Who needs to be involved at what point in the process?
• How can the process be used to advance the mission?
• Why are you doing it now & why does it matter?


Engagements range from one meeting to recurring consultative coaching sessions. Each engagement serves your need.

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